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Dr. Ahmad Kaako, MD, MBA, FACP

Hello! Thank you for exploring more about Dr. Kaako and his service areas. You will learn that Dr. Kaako has key passion areas within Healthcare, and has found innovative and direct ways to engage with both institutional hospital medicine and direct-to-customer micro solutions.

If you are looking to Dr. Kaako as a patient, a partner, or a consultant you will find a commitment to a patient first, research oriented, direct action approach. A philosophy that looks at patient health and satisfaction first, then seeks to eliminate roadblocks, inefficiencies, and other hinderances within the healthcare system. Accomplishing his vision both at the individual patient level all the way to broader institutional environments, he continues to be highly recommended in all regards. 

Dr. Kaako continues his love for Hospital Medicine by working as a Hospital Certified Hospitalist, continuing to work actively on the ER front lines in both Florida & Arkansas. He also continues his passion for research and providing direct access to micro healthcare services, like parking placards and legal paperwork, through his Avicenna Health organization. From Avicenna he also consults directly with various hospitals, acts as an expert witness, and its looked to for various research projects.  

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Large Territory As A Licensed Physician & Hospitalist

Dr. Kaako is licensed in and all his speciality offerings are available in many states across the US and growing! 


Dr. Kaako has continuously innovated and evolved his own business endeavors by identifying patient needs for access to speciality services and developing a vision of offering an array of micro, easy to understand and access options, for a direct-to-patient model. 

He then looked to his love of the Hospital Medicine environment, the logistics and possibilities of the future ER ecosystem, and applied the same focus, research and patience. Once again developing a dynamic vision of how to both broadly serve where needed and to help create a better ER workflow, with less stress and bottlenecks for everyone. 

Through his leadership, Dr. Kaako has taken those visions and built a unique and growing team of the diverse, talented people. His team develops and facilitates the front-end and back-end systems that allow his expertise and abilities to utilized far more than other doctors, with a greater degree of focus on the individual patient or specific hospital issue. 

Dr. Kaako and his team are always excited to serve you on any of our existing specialties. We are equally excited if you are a health institution, legal provider, or healthcare entrepreneur with a problem or circumstance we can be looped in on and assist with. 

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MD, FACP, Healthcare E-MBA.ABIM certified in Focused Practice in Hospital Medicine

16 Years  of Post Medical School Graduation Experience.
10 Years  of Post-residency Clinical & Administrative Experience in Hospital Medicine.

2 Years of Telemedicine, Virtual Hospitalist and Viretual Care Delivery
2 Years  of Attendance at Walton School of Business for Executive MBA Degree.


  • ABIM Board Certified in Internal Medicine with a Focused Practice in Hospital Medicine (FPHM)

  • Gastroenterology and Hepatology Clinical Research.

  •  Hospital/Hospitalist workflow efficiency & Institutional Consulting

  • Interests in Telehealth and Telemedicine.

  • Primary Care physician for Medicare patients


  • 2012 National Quality Week at Sparks Regional Medical Center, Recognition award

  • 2010 Recognition Award for being a Nominee for Charles Harold Alper, MD, Humanitarian Award to the Senior Resident who has consistently demonstrated the qualities of integrity, respect, and compassion in the care of patients and their families throughout residency training.

  • 2009 UTC Annual Research Week, Recognition award

  • 2007 UTC Annual Research Week, Recognition award


Elected as one of two class Speakers for the Graduation Ceremony for Harvard Medical School Global Clinical Scholars Research Training (GCSRT) program 2015-2016 

2009 Nominee by Department of Medicine Chairman for ACGME David C Leach, MD award to recognize residents and resident teams for improving graduate medical education areas include: (fostering innovation and improvement in the learning environment; increasing the program’s emphasis on educational outcomes; increasing efficiency and reducing non-educational burden; improving communication and collaboration in education and patient care within the program or institution; advancing humanism in patient care and among health care professionals)

Publications, Papers & Posters


New patient or hospital administrator? Legal professional or healthcare entrepreneur?

Dr.Kaako is always excited to here from you. With a wide range of services, always seeking new ways to help, and have a genuine interest in how we can make thins better! 

Give our offices and call or email and lets see what we can do together! 

866 DrKaako

866 375 2256

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